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From Philadelphia, PA, Joe Finley has had a lifelong passion for music. He has been writing songs most of his life and received his first songwriters award in 2006 for a song that he had written titled, "Keep on Dreamin.".  Joe is a multi-award winning performer who received "National Showcase Artist of the Year" honors in 2009 by the Los Angeles Music Awards. Joe's work was again recognized as his record, "Relevant" received "Breakthrough Album of the Year" in 2010.  Joe Finley has had nine independent albums to date and is currently finishing number ten with The Swansons new release, "Country This."

Angie Finley moved from a small Chicago Illinois suburb, ‘Channahon’ to Southern California in search of a dream. Angie had just graduated from the University of St. Francis in Joliet IL, where she majored in Mass Communications with a focus in broadcasting and video production. She had gained a lot of experience in school that could potentially apply to many aspects of the entertainment industry. Angie worked in front of and behind the movie camera and worked as the director of a small film for her graduation final. She also had a cameo in that same film giving her perspective from both sides of the camera lens. From 2005 to 2007 Angie worked as Entertainment Anchor on "Exploring Joliet." This was a very comfortable position for Angie and seemed to be a point of interest that she would eventually pursue. After finding limited success in Los Angeles, Angie put her dreams temporarily on hold and took advantage of other opportunities that had presented themselves outside of the entertainment industry.

The stage is set, and the journey is in full motion. The Swansons look forward to sharing their experience with their fans who they lovingly refer to as SwanFans. The idea is born from the ugly duckling becoming a beautiful Swan. The thought that we can all become something beautiful and that we possess that beauty from the inside out. It is a belief in God and an optimistic hope that remains eternal regardless of your circumstances. To be a SwanFan means that you are truly authentic. That you are the real deal and that you matter just as much as any other person on earth. It is the idea that all lives matter and that all things matter and that we all matter together. The Swansons Music is intended to unite people and to spread love, peace and happiness. To stand for one another and to stand against hatred and bullies. The Swansons Music stands for something more than the music and that something is you SwanFans!!!